The Rules!

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The Rules!

Post by ImPK on Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:20 pm

[1]General Rules & Information

A. Admin decisions are final and must be obeyed without exception.
B. No racism.
C. All players must hold value to their life at all times.

[1a]Safe Zones
A.Role-play scenarios cannot be INITIATED in safe zones; however aggressors or defenders may pursue those and only those into a safe zone area as long as they are involved in an on-going role-play scenario.
B. Safe zone rule applies to the following area(s):

[1b]Random Deathmatch
A. RDM (Random Death-Matching) is strictly forbidden and must be avoided. Disobeying this rule may result in administrative action being taken.
B.You may not engage in combat with anyone without first establishing a reasonable role-play scenario and it is absolutely necessary to initiate a Sword Fight (e.g. Robbery victim disobeys direct orders to put hands on head/crouch ect. and instead tries to turn around and pulls a sword out to try and attack you)
C. Rebellion, terrorism, claiming to be a mass murderer, etc. are not viable reasons to kill people.
D.You must contact or communicate with your victim and convey demands (robbery, kidnapping, etc.)

A. The preferred method of communication to begin role-play with people are Voice or text chat in game are also recommended but can sometimes be missed in noisy or spam-filled situations. It is the players responsibility to convey messages, and ensure they can be interpreted by the recipient before escalating a situation. IE; You must confirm that the person can hear you if you are making demands.
B. The following actions are forbidden:
1.Breaking role-play by referring to the teamspeak or other communication programs during RP and/or refusing to communicate with people while in-game due to attempts to get admins or friends. You may contact admins after the situation has concluded if there was a problem with the wrong doing of roleplay.

[1d]New life Rule
A. New Life Rule is to be followed by all players.
B. If under the effects of NLR, you may not return to the general location of your death or involve yourself in any role-play scenarios or events related to your death in any way, including observation, until 15 minutes have passed or role-play has been completely resolved.
C. NLR applies if any of the following are TRUE:
    1. You have completely died in-game and have respawned.
    2. You have been sent to jail by the executioner, and or have completed your full sentence in jail/cage/dungeon.

A. Use of any game or exploits or mechanics in a way that they were not intended to be used.
B. Usage of cheats or foreign scripts.
C. Disconnecting, aborting or killing oneself to avoid roleplay outside of restraints or being critically wounded.
D. Possession of cheated/exploited Items. If you receive any suspicious items contact an admin immediately.
1a. Harassing players outside of a role-play scenario.
2. Camping any Safezones/surrounding areas in order to have seemingly infinite numbers and/or lives.
3. Using a Safe Zone while Engaging a target is forbidden.

[1f]Meta-Gaming & Power-Gaming
A. Meta-gaming is using an out-of-character action to gain advantage in-game, or using knowledge that the out-of-character person knows, but their in-game character should not.
    1. The Chat(Out of Character) channel is NOT considered to be in-character. Messages sent via Chat such as “Someone help, Im being kidnapped/getting attacked ect” should not be utilized during RP or used in RP.
B.Using Mumble or other communication programs within the bounds of these rules is classified as an in-character action.
C. Using Mumble or other communication programs to gain information about other clans by joining their channel or viewing their members is not acceptable and would be deemed meta-gaming.
D. Power-gaming is using extreme role-play or unrealistic ideas to benefit your character, which may be deemed impossible for others to counter.
1. Having communication/tracking/geo-location equipment implanted sub dermally/or any kind of implants or devices inside body cavities.

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