Town Of Salem!!!

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Town Of Salem!!!

Post by ImPK on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:49 pm

hey guys this is our very FIRST event in the server and here are the rules and roles you can play! hope you enjoy!

Bodyguard ---> Knight: Protect one person from death each night. Sword and Helm
Doctor ---> Doctor: Heal one person each night, preventing them from dying. Chest and Bandages
Escort ---> Wench: Distract someone each night. Rope
Investigator ---> Inquisitor: Investigate one person each night. Torches
Jailor ---> Jailor: You may choose one person during the day to jail for the night. Shackles
Mafioso ---> Assassin x2 Carry out the Assassin Leader's plans, both assassin's must agree on one target together. Bone Dagger
Godfather ---> Assassin Leader: Kill someone each night. Whip and Bone Dagger
Executioner ---> Executioner: Trick the town into lynching your target. Leather Head and Halberd
Serial Killer ---> Serial Killer: Kill someone each night. Steel Dagger

Town Of Salem Rules:
-You must RP at all times
-No running off out of the town
-If you die respawn at the bed and you can spec
-Refer to main rules as well

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